Bitcoin hits record levels, but 2021 is going to be much crazier

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Bitcoin has risen to an all-time high. The digital currency has passed the magical $ 20,000 mark. Where does this stop and what are the predictions for 2021?

The historic moment in the digital currency market took place today, December 16, 2020. At the end of November, bitcoin already broke a record that dates back to December 2017. Now the magical $ 20,000 mark has been passed, but experts predict that in 2021 it will be even more crazy. French Cryptocurrency is popular.

Record level Bitcoin: gone magic threshold of $ 20,000

Its value climbed nearly 4 percent to $ 20,679 today. Compared to the beginning of 2020, bitcoin is now 170 percent more expensive. Digital currencies are gaining in popularity, partly because large companies such as PayPal are entering the market. This fuels the hope, especially for investors, that cryptocurrencies will become more accessible to the general public. There are also more and more people who see the currency as digital gold and invest for the long term.

Predictions: 2021 is going to be much crazier

In the short term, eyes are now on a new magical limit of $ 30,000. Expert estimates for bitcoin’s value in 2021 vary. The savages talk about $ 60,000, others even $ 100,000. Expert Adam Grunwerg also sees the digital currency continue to grow, but is still using quite modestly. “The course is fleeting like ebb and flow. Next year we will see fluctuations in the BTC value from 20% to 30%. But these fluctuations won’t be enough to slow it down. Bitcoin will likely pass the $ 50,000 mark in 2021, ”Grunwerg told GlobeNewswire.

That the price can be erratic, became clear after the peak in 2017, when bitcoin was in free fall. By mid-2018, the digital currency was still worth about $ 4,000. During its launch in 2009, you could buy the crypto coin for a few cents. Spain Cryptocurrency is popular.

To invest or not?

After these increases and predictions, the big question is whether you should invest in this bizarre phenomenon in 2021. We leave that to you, here you can read some pros and cons. In any case, these crypto billionaires have already played out the bitcoin market.