What are the most important factors when looking for a new VPN on the market?

Every time you visit a website, you leave a trace behind, namely your IP addresss. This can be useful in many ways, for example when visiting an international website you automatically get to see the website in Dutch. Or in an online store the products are automatically filtered to products available in the Netherlands.

  • Nevertheless, the fact that your IP address is visible everywhere often causes more frustration than convenience. Lack of privacy is something that most people today are afraid of. And having your IP address tracked doesn’t help that, of course. Also, many people want to bypass geo-blocking in order to increase the amount of content on, say, Netflix.
  • It is however possible to hide your IP address and this can be done via a so-called VPN. In Dutch, this abbreviation stands for Virtueel Privénetwerk (Virtual Private Network in English). But what exactly is a VPN and how does this technology hide your IP address with a melhor VPN @ Globalwatchonline.br

This is how a VPN works in practice

You can hide your IP address in just a few minutes. You just need to download a VPN service and connect to an IP address provided by the service. Your traffic is then simply routed through another server somewhere in the world.

  1. A VPN service allows you to easily hide your IP address from third parties. This is done by tunneling your traffic, a technology that goes a step further than standard proxy servers. This makes it appear as if your traffic is going through a different IP address.
  2. In practice, you can compare it to calling someone else’s phone. For example, if you visit a site like Netflix, where the American content is blocked for Dutch users, but is connected to an American IP address, you get access to the content you want to see. Thus, it only takes a few minutes to hide an IP address and obtain a new one with a nordvpn avis @ globalwatchonline.fr

The best VPN’s to hide IP address

All VPN services can hide your IP address. However, it is worth noting that some VPN services record your activities. Therefore, it is important to choose your VPN carefully, and we have listed some of the best VPN’s below. Here are the top VPN services for the Netherlands: